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How Did You Change From From Freshman Year To Senior Year?

*"Changes" by David Bowie starts playing*

A lot of changes happen in your early twenties, especially when you go away to college.

You get to start over, explore new things, and hopefully ~find yourself somewhere along the way.~

So did you have a drastic change during your college years?

Maybe you experimented with your look and found a new style that fits you more.

Or perhaps you started college as a med student but discovered you love plants* and ended up graduating with a degree in environmental studies!

Or maybe you came out and lived your TRUTH in college.

Or maybe you transferred out of music school, switched your major five times, cried (a lot), and somehow ended up landing your dream internship during your senior year.

Please leave a blurb (and a before-and-after pic if you have one) in the DropBox below about how you changed in college/how college changed you for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post of video. TYSM!