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Teachers, Show Us The Funniest, Sweetest, Or Weirdest Note You've Received From A Student

Time to compare notes!!!

Teachers get notes from their students all the time.

Whether they're cards, bribes, or just plain ol' memos, we wanna see some of the notable ones you've come across in your days as a teacher.

Like, maybe a student gave you an adorable valentine that you've always treasured.

Or maybe an ESL student tried his best to inform you that he'd be absent the next day because of a surgery, and this was the result.

Perhaps a student shared how you positively impacted their life.

The "P.S." of a note a I just received from a REACH ONE Alliance student. #immediatefeedback #lovingthismovement

Or maybe they just wanted to let you in on something. ;)))

One of the kids at my job wrote me a nice lil letter 🙂

So if you've ever received a cute, funny, or strange note from a student, please submit it in the DropBox below. Our favorites may be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!!!