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Give Us Your Brutally Honest “And Just Like That...” Critiques And Opinions

Tell us what you really think.

Are you watching And Just Like That..., aka the Sex and the City reboot?!

If so, I have to imagine you have some opinions on it, whether they be positive or negative.

Like maybe you're glad Big died, and you have quite a few things to say about it!

Or perhaps you think that between Big having a heart attack, Carrie needing hip surgery, and Steve losing his hearing, the writers leaned into aging a little too hard. I mean, these characters are only in their fifties, right?!

Or maybe you don't get why people are hating on Che Diaz and actually think they usher in important conversations on the show.

Or maybe you're in the camp of people who really, REALLY despise Che and simply NEED to get your thoughts down!!!

Whatever your AJLT opinions are, let us know in the comments! Or, if you'd prefer more prompted questions, you can answer some in this Google Form we've written up for ya. Thank you, and we're excited to read all your ✨hot takes✨!!!