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    Sex Workers Are Sharing The Weirdest, Grossest, And Cringiest Things They've Experienced, And...Wow

    "Imagine the smell of sweaty ballsack, but times 100."

    Recently, Redditor u/SirSmilo posed the question: "People who work in the adult film industry, what is the weirdest/creepiest/nastiest thing you’ve seen or experienced while working?" Well, here are some of their wildest, grossest, and just plain BIZARRE answers.

    1. "I knew a girl who worked a sex hotline, and she said this old guy would call in regularly to talk dirty — specifically with his Alan Rickman impression."


    2. "I once saw a porn star's mother supervise her daughter's first sex scene."


    3. "You wouldn't believe the SMELL of people in the orgy rooms. I cannot stress how bad it is — imagine the smell of sweaty ballsack, but times 100."



    4. "A porn star I knew told me she had to coat her throat with Vaseline to do the deep throat stuff."


    5. "My friend works as a cam girl, and she had one client who would always send her two pizzas — one was for her to eat, and the other was for her to walk on for him."


    6. "Sometimes, girls use sponges instead of tampons so that they can have sex while on their period. Oftentimes, they forget they're in there."



    7. "My husband used to work on set of filming. One thing that horrified him was seeing how messy things would get. Many times, they’d have to stop filming to clean up poop."


    8. "I once saw a well-known male porn star miss a facial, and instead of cleaning it up with a towel, he licked his own semen off the floor."


    9. "When anal sex started making its way into straight videos, nobody knew about 'cleaning up' before a scene. One time, an actor randomly started screaming in the middle of a scene, removed himself from the actress, ran over to a trash can, and proceeded to pee poop. He and his co-workers affectionately referred to it as 'Poop Noodle.'"



    10. "I work as a cam girl, and one of the strangest requests I've had is to shove a dirty toilet brush bowl up my hoo-ha."


    11. "A friend of mine used to do cam work and had a regular who would pay her upwards of $600 a session to: 1) Tie her hair up in pigtails with orange ribbon, 2) Cover the room in orange balloons, 3) Wear orange lingerie, and 4) Squeeze oranges over her boobs. Yep. $600."


    12. "One time, a girl intentionally bit a guy's penis during filming."


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    13. "A friend who worked as a cam girl once tried to use a vase that was her mom's birthday gift as a dildo."


    14. "My friend was shooting an anal scene once, and just as her well-endowed scene partner inserted himself, she rectally prolapsed. She ended up needing surgery to put her a**hole back inside her."


    15. "When I worked as a cam girl, one of my clients ended up buying a lot of cute decor for my bedroom on top of paying $800—$1200 for my service."



    16. "I used to work as a dominatrix, and once a guy paid me $250 to let him send me a video of himself having sex with a cooked, store-bought rotisserie chicken."


    17. "My friend was a cam girl and she was once asked to fart in a mayonnaise jar and ship it for $1,000."



    H/T r/AskReddit

    Note: Answers have been edited for length and/or clarity.