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    19 Sex And Dating Tweets That Are Hilarious And Painfully Accurate

    "I'm sorry I roasted you. I was trying to flirt."


    dating my last boyfriend was like being on the bachelor but not knowing I was on the bachelor


    If you’re 20 and he’s 28 yall should NOT be dating There is a HUGE maturity gap You need to be with someone who’s your own age mentally (He needs to be at least 45)


    Me: should I just text him again? everyone:


    Single food be $7.92 Relationship food be $93.73


    if i ever dated a poet i would simply pretend that i did not know how to read


    this is a weird age because half of my friends are in serious relationships and the other half are drunk or high by 3pm


    I give every guy I date a 3 red flag rule. The rule is if I find three or more red flags then I become colorblind for the remainder of our toxic relationship


    I was on tinder and accidentally swiped left on a guy I had a HUGE crush on and I obviously wanted to match him, so I literally BOUGHT tinder premium for $9.99 JUST to go back and swipe right on him ....we didn’t match


    casual sex implies the existence of ranked competitive sex


    Boyfriend: what’s wrong? Girlfriend: nothing.... Girlfriend the rest of the day:


    what I love about “dating around” is that instead of one bad boyfriend you can have five


    i’m sorry i roasted you i was trying to flirt


    RIP to the instagram following tab which always faithfully and without reservation told me who my crushes were fucking whether i wanted to know or not


    Why don’t guys ever ask me on dates??? My friends are always like “yeah john asked me on a date” and I’m like wow that’s nice Jake asked me to come over at 2 am when he was drunk and then the next morning asked me what happened so that’s really romantic


    Women be so busy until they start liking you. Like ma’am where did your job go?



    I haven't dated for a long, long time but are guys really pulling the "let's be exclusive" thing 6 months into dating like what, I have been exclusive what the fuck have you been


    i hate when my friend starts dating an idiot and i have to be like how could you bring this man into our lives


    be the hot sexy single that you want to see in the area