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    16 Breathtaking Class Notes That'll Make Any Student Want To Take An Art Class ASAP

    Clearly, everyone's worked at Paper Source except for me.

    1. Like, are you kidding me?

    2. This is... honestly stunning and I hate myself...?

    3. Like, link me to your Etsy account this instant.

    4. Simply gorgina.

    5. I HATE math and this makes me kinda makes me want to take notes on, like, the python theorem or whatever.

    6. Color-coded? OKAY, YAAAS!

    7. Ew, this is giving me flashbacks to my freshman year physics class, but still cute.

    8. This is so aesthetic! And no shitty doodles or soy sauce stains in sight.

    9. Um, did everyone on this list work at Paper Source or something?!

    10. Now I'm convinced these people are only taking these notes for the 'gram.

    11. The jig is up. Stop being fake!!!

    12. I'm sick of all of you and your overpriced calligraphy sets.

    14. We get it, you're talented with a pack of Mr. Sketch smelly markers.

    15. This is v nice but is anyone else getting major anxiety looking at that tea on the WHITE DUVET?!?!?!?!

    16. And finally, this overachiever who put fucking FAIRY LIGHTS AROUND HER NOTES ON POPULATION PROPORTION.