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33 Current Trends We're Deeeeefinitely Gonna Cringe At In A Few Years

"Imagine Dragons is the new Nickelback."

So we asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which ~current trends~ they think we're all gonna regret in a few years, and here's what they said:

1. Those extremely tiny sunglasses:

2. Internet "challenges":


"All of the potentially harmful challenges that happened throughout 2017–18: the Tide Pods challenge, cinnamon challenge, condom challenge, etc. At best, maybe they'll serve as a lesson for future generations."


3. "Live Laugh Love" wall decals:

4. Micro bangs:

5. Cross-body fanny packs:

6. Lip injections:

7. Long acrylic nails:

8. SoundCloud rappers:

9. Acid-washed denim:

Urban Outfitters


10. Bike shorts with oversize jackets:

11. Caterpillar eyebrows:

12. TikTok videos:

13. Imagine Dragons:

14. High-waisted pants:

15. Graphic tees with random sayings:

"The shirts that have random words on them like 'Honey' or 'I love tacos.'"


16. Anything Yeezy:



17. Cropped sweaters:

"What’s even the point of them?"


18. Instagram makeup in general:

19. "Rustic" home decor:

20. Clear plastic boots:

"They’re ugly and you can see people’s sweaty-ass feet. Ugh, no thanks!"


21. Music festival outfits and makeup:

22. Dad sneakers:

"Y'all are starting to look like George Costanza with how giant some of these shoes are."


23. Lingerie as outerwear:

Achim Aaron Harding / Getty Images

24. Overdone highlighter:

25. Crushed velvet:

26. Long-sleeved shirts with bell sleeves:

27. Anything with fringe:

28. Mom jeans:

29. Mini fisherman beanies:

30. Monochromatic outfits:

31. Extreme eyelash extensions:

32. Sheer clothing:

33. And lastly, male rompers:

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Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.