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    Not To Be Dramatic, But I Would Die For English Bulldogs

    *sees bulldog* *combusts into a ball of light*

    1. They have big baby paws that you know they'll grow into soon enough!!!

    2. They are FIERCLY loyal.

    3. But they're also lil' smushy snugglebugs!!!

    4. They love having friends around!!!

    5. They have the wrinkliest, MELTIEST faces EVER!!!!!!!

    6. They're ALL about comfort.

    7. And shaded areas.

    8. They don't mind being mobile as long as its by way of moving vehicle.


    10. They're not above begging!!!!!!

    11. They love people and food, so I guess they like parties...???

    12. They're really just big ol' loaves.

    13. But sometimes, they're smol beans!!!

    14. They blep!!!

    15. They loooooooooounge.

    16. They don't always respect their elders...

    17. ...but they'll always be there for you, no questions asked.