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People Are Sharing Why They Chose Not To Have Kids, And I've Honestly Never Considered Some Of These POVs Before

"It's time to stop making more people until we can fix the problems we're causing."

A big topic of conversation today is how fewer and fewer adults are wanting to have kids. And honestly, I get it, and of course it's a very personal choice.

Well, recently, Reddit user u/foxscream didn't shy away from the topic and asked, "People who don’t ever want to have kids, why?" in r/AskReddit, and people came with loads of direct, honest, and extremely valid answers. Here's what they said:

1. "That whole thing about your friends starting to have kids and that it will make you want one. The funny thing was my friends having kids was the exact reason my 50/50 went to 'I don't want them.' I can tolerate kids for short spans of time, but at the end of the day, I don't have to deal with the stressful part of having kids (sickness, tantrums, money, etc.)"


2. "Because I don't currently have a partner or much financial stability in my life at this stage, and I don't want to be a single parent or bring a child into the world if I'm not in a position to provide for them."


3. "For me, it's the myriad of mental disorders I have. I don't want to pass that on to another human being, much less my own child."


4. "In a psych class, we learned about a study where they separated monkeys from their mothers at birth. The monkeys grew to be anxious and twitchy. When those monkeys had their own kids, the mothers didn't know how to care for them. I was raised horribly, so I don't know how to raise someone well. My parents had children even though their parents abused them. My grandparents' parents probably also abused them. I'm just cutting off the cycle."


5. "I was 'parentified' as a child to my four younger siblings. When I see a child now, I act nice but cannot wait to get away from it. I had my share of caring for kids and have next to nothing positive come out of it."


6. "I have two boys, and I love them, but boy, do I wish I hadn't had them. Whether it be political, climatic, or economical, their future doesn't look too bright, and my whole life is now dedicated to making sure I can be around and financially available to help them in a cutthroat world."


7. "I like my life how it is right now. Sleeping in, taking spontaneous trips, spending my money on myself. Having a kid means your entire life changes, and I don't want my life to change."


8. "Kids destroy things. They make messes. I just was able to eke out a life for myself in a house and actually buy some new things and make it feel like I’m finally an adult. For kids to ruin the couch I saved for or the TV I saved for would just be too much. Those are symbols of my hard work and accomplishments!"


9. "I’d love to if I could be a father. Motherhood asks you to sacrifice everything — from your body, to identity, to even your life for your child (my mom almost died in childbirth). I love my body, my financial freedom, my career, my relationship, and the cleanliness and silence of my home. I refuse to give any of that up for a child I know I would resent for upheaving my life."


10. "I can barely go through my period without painkillers — I'll never manage to give birth. Also, I don't like kids, they're annoying."


11. "I'm lazy. I like my free time. I like money (well, the little I do have!). I like sleep. I've also just never had the instinct in me to want kids. I feel complete without them. Plus, it's scary enough worrying about my own future, let alone the future of miniature humans."


12. "As a woman, I don't want the body changes that come with having a baby."


13. "People kept telling me that as I'd grow older, I'd reach my 30s, find my soulmate, my friends would start having children, etc., and I'd start to have that feeling. Well, I went through all these milestones and I still don't have that desire for kids."


14. "Have you seen the world out there? I mean, several generations have already looked at serious looming problems and said, 'But the children are our future! They'll fix it!' Within my lifetime, I've seen climate change go from 'global warming' and very mild changes to once-in-a-century environmental events happening every year. It's time to stop making more people until we can fix the problems we're causing."


15. "Complete lack of a support system. You know the saying, 'It takes a village to raise a child'? Well, we have no village anymore. Unless you happen to live close to family, no one is around to help and you’re on your own."


16. "Freedom. My husband and I would probably be pretty good parents and we’re in a good spot financially, but we feel complete with each other. We have fun together and want to spend the rest of our lives without the responsibility and stress of kids."


17. "Adoption is a long process and a lot of money that I don’t have. Kids are expensive!"


18. "I now live with disability and chronic pain and I just watched my best friend struggle with a HEALTHY pregnancy! I think a pregnancy would leave me with irreversible damage and pain and I would be unable to care for a baby afterward. I would severely struggle as I am right now due to chronic fatigue and chronic pain. I wouldn't be surprised if I became wheelchair bound."


19. "I just have no desire. I don’t hate kids, and I love my nieces and nephews and have a great time being an influential part of their life. However, that means that I also see how difficult and stressful it is to raise kids. I understand that people really love it and it’s worth it to them, but that’s just not me."


20. "There are millions of orphans in the world — what about ME and MY genes is so special that I have to create an entire new human from scratch? The world doesn’t need more people."


21. And lastly: "My life is complete without children. Plus, I'd rather just stick to cats."


And BTW, a perfectly good response would've also been "I just don't want to." Just sayin'!

But with this being said, now I'm curious: Readers, what were your reasons FOR having kids? Please feel free to share and discuss in the comments.

H/T r/AskReddit