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27 Rare Pictures From The Titanic That Anyone Who Was Weirdly Obsessed With It Should See

So wild that this actually happened.

1. First, here's a picture of the literal iceberg that sank the Titanic:

The iceberg that sank the Titanic

2. And here's a closer look, taken by one of the passengers on the rescue ship:

The iceberg that sank the Titanic

3. The menu for the last dinner the second class ever had on board:

The menu for the second class's last meal on board the Titanic, including consomme tapioca and baked haddock

4. The Titanic, right, and her sister ship the Olympic at a dock in Belfast:

The Olympic and the Titanic at a dock

5. Here are pictures of some of the actual rooms on board, like bedrooms, dining rooms, *THE* staircase, and even an indoor swimming pool:

Different fancy rooms on board the Titanic

6. The Daily Graphic, a newspaper at the time, published these portraits of some of the more notable passengers who did not survive:

First class passengers who died on the Titanic

7. And some more:

First class passengers who died on the Titanic

8. This was Jack Phillips, the wireless operator who sent out the S.O.S. message from the Titanic when they hit the iceberg:

Jack Phillips, the man who sent the Titanic's SOS message

9. Here's a picture of the room Jack sent the telegram from:

A wireless cabin on board the Titanic

10. And here's the very telegram he sent, received by a nearby ship called the S.S. Birma:

The telegram Jack Phillips sent

11. This illustrated map that shows where everything happened:

A map that outlines all the important places involved in the Titanic's sinking

12. This sectional diagram of the inside of the Titanic that shows the state rooms, cabins, cargo holds, and engine rooms:

A sectional view of inside the Titanic

13. Some playing cards that were taken by a surviving first class passenger:

Trading cards that were on board the Titanic

14. Here's a photo of the chefs who were on board:

The chefs who worked on board the Titanic

15. Here are some photos of the Titanic's Captain, Edward John Smith, and the bow of the ship:

Captain Edward John Smith, and the bow of the Titanic

16. And another portrait of the captain:

Captain Edward John Smith

17. Here are some workers standing underneath one of the Titanic's GIANT propellers, which just goes to show how big it was, especially for the time:

A large propeller with several working men standing beneath it

18. Here's one of the Titanic's lifeboats, as seen from the deck of the Carpathia (the ship that came to their rescue):

A full lifeboat from the Titanic

19. And this lifeboat being lifted onto the Carpathia:

The full lifeboat being hoisted onto the Carpathia

20. These pictures of people examining lists of the people saved from the Titanic:

People in London examining lists of names of Titanic survivors

21. This letter that was written on board the Titanic and dated April 10, 1912 — just four days before it hit the iceberg:

A handwritten letter on board the Titanic

22. A newspaper boy holding the news of the tragedy:

A little boy holding a newspaper that reads "Titanic Disaster Great Loss of Life"

23. People in the streets of New York gathering to hear the latest news:

Packed streets in New York as people wait for more news on the Titanic

24. This is one of the surviving wireless operators, Harold Bride, being carried up the gangway in New York with his feet bandaged:

A man with bandaged feet being helped off a boat

25. Thousands of people waited to greet survivors in New York, as you can see:

Thousands of people waiting in the street to greet Titanic survivors

26. This is one of the last photos taken of the Titanic, and then the other is a picture of people anxiously waiting in Southhampton to find out if their loved ones survived the disaster:

The Titanic, and people gathered in the street waiting to hear who survived

27. And lastly, this poster promoting the Titanic's return trip that never happened:

A poster advertising the Titanic's trip home