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    19 Pretty Cool Charts To Make You Say, "Hmm...I Didn't Really Ask, But I'm Ultimately Glad You Showed Me These!"

    "Thanks for sharing!" —You, after reading this

    1. If you've ever wondered how common your birthday is, boy, do I have a chart for you!!!

    2. This handy-dandy simplification of "their," "they're," and "there"...and on a T-shirt, no less!

    3. This reminder that all those bumper stickers on your car are nothing more than clues (and to be careful)!!!!!!!!!

    4. In case you didn't know, there are hacks to googling!!!

    5. There's this chart on just how painful it is to get each body part tatted:

    6. Behold, the differences between hashtags, musical sharp symbols, and tic-tac-toe boards:

    7. This helpful guide to different ways of having your steak cooked:

    8. The recipe for the perfect nap, or "nappuccino," if you will:

    9. The difference between "macaroon," "macaron," and "Macron":

    10. This lil' visual aid on the different forms of colorblindness:

    11. And here's how newborns supposedly view the world as their eyesight develops...pretty cool!!!

    12. Here's how each letter of the alphabet reached its ✨final form✨:

    13. For anyone who thought "plaid" just meant "plaid":

    14. This visual on all the different tally marks around the world:

    15. Here's a bunch of things you can do to release "happy chemicals"!!!

    16. This play-by-play on how to make a truly iconic sofa fort:

    17. And this one on all the different types of land formations:

    18. How long it would take to crack passwords:

    19. And lastly, here's how to survive a plunge from a waterfall (just in case!!!):

    H/T: r/coolguides.