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    16 Dog Posts From This Week That'll Make You Scream, "OOOOH H*CK!!!!!" Very Loudly In Public

    *inhales sharply* OOOOHH H*********CK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. This week, this lil' pupperino named Justice tried on his future police pupper harness for the first time!

    Meet Justice, the newest member of the Bluffton Police Department!

    2. Pickles the pug became a car dealership mascot:

    my manager made Pickles the business mascot so now she gets to model all the cars

    3. This heroic doggo was sworn in as an honorary firefighter!!!!!!

    4. This boye demanded his food be served WARM:

    dunkin won't eat his food unless it is microwaved, because he thinks that makes it human food (dunkinandkirby IG)

    5. This great white floofer took a comfy snooOOOOOOooooooze:

    This is known as the very rare doggo taco... hecking lucky to have caught it on camera!

    6. This sweet pittie comforted her hooman in a time of need:

    IK this is weird but I want to appreciate my Pitbull Luna. I got this vid of me spiraling to document my feelings and remind myself that it gets better but the one who made it better was Luna. She distracted me, hugged, & kissed me. Animals will never cease to amaze me.

    7. This v goob ring bearer did a practice:

    This is Beau. He’s practicing being the ring bearer for his owner’s wedding. Will try his best to get down the aisle successfully but no pawmises. 13/10

    8. This sleepy pupper manhandled a parsnip:


    “Start the car... start the car... START THE CAR!! 🐾”

    10. This hound pup braved the icy January winds in ~style~:

    Say hello to Sancho. He is extremely puppared for his walk today. The frigid elements don’t stand a chance against his hat and sweater combo. 12/10

    11. This lightly-toasted marshmallow took on snowflakes one by one:

    the nugget is trying to fight individual snowflakes 💀

    12. One of these commuters was not like the others:

    u/YOUSIF_2 / Via

    13. This academic boye just wanted to receive a higher education!!!!!!!!!

    Here’s a good boy trying to get his education. Forgot a pencil but is too nervous to ask for one. 14/10 would help him with the homework

    14. BREAKING NEWS: This Snuggable Pupper Chose His Furever Home!!!!!!

    - a journalist went to cover a story about a shelter for abandoned dogs . That beautiful and innocent puppy, wanting affection and a home , grabbed him with his legs .. the journalist , adopted him ❤️

    15. This doggo did a Zoomba™ on his Roomba™:

    u/TheBonald / Via

    16. And lastly, even though it isn't *technically* a doggo post, I just found this extremely necessary:

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