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    Dogs In Coyote Vests Are Equal Parts Safe And Punk Rock

    *barks in death metal*

    Before you start scrolling, press play. Trust.

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    So a couple days ago, this Twitter user uploaded this pic of her pupper in a protective coyote vest.

    There’s a coyote outside. You know what that means: coyote vest time!

    While the spikes serve the purpose of keeping coyotes from biting small dogs, Twitter noted that they're also extremely punk rock.

    For instance, if I were a coyote, I wouldn't mess with this guy just based on how many Pantera albums I assume he owns.

    Or this lil' lady? She definitely loves Manic Panic hair dye and was once very active on MySpace.

    *cues "Don't Tread On Me" by Metallica*

    Basically, coyotes should watch the H*CK out.

    Because these smol spiky boyes are here and they are ANGORY!!!!!!!!

    *screams in death metal*


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