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Estheticians, What's The Wildest Experience You've Had While Waxing Someone?

Give us your absolute WORST.

Hey, professional waxers of the BuzzFeed Community! Have you ever had an absolutely WILD experience during one of your waxing appointments? If so, we wanna hear about it!!!

Like, maybe you were waxing someone down there and she flat-out queefed in your face.

Or perhaps one of your more ~macho~ clients started hysterically crying from the pain during a session, and when he left, pretended like nothing had happened.

Or maybe one of your clients started having an allergic reaction while you waxed their upper lip, and their mustache area became completely and utterly enflamed.

Or maybe you've just received some *ridiculous* requests for pubic hair shapes.

So if you're an esthetician and have had some UNIMAGINABLE experiences, please tell us your story in the comments below! Our favorites may be featured in an upcoming post!!!