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15 Problems '00s Kids Haven't Thought About In Years

Having to wear gym pinnies that were LITERALLY πŸ‘ NEVER πŸ‘ WASHED πŸ‘

1. Flipping through these poster racks and realizing they don't have your favorite band.

u/beardynolando / Via

2. Getting rushed to decide which books to buy at the Scholastic Book Fair.

u/MccreesKnees / Via

3. Having to solve mazes on the back of cereal boxes since you didn't have a phone to play on yet.

u/SavingToasty / Via

4. THIS.

u/mrslugo / Via

5. Getting like 20 seconds worth of adrenaline from playing Elefun, and then having to pick up all the stupid "butterflies" just to do it all over again.

u/GriffinFTW / Via

6. The anguish of never being allowed into the glorious ball room in elementary school P.E.

u/TheCuttingMan / Via

7. And having to wear gym class pinnies that were LITERALLY πŸ‘ NEVER πŸ‘ WASHED!!!!!!! πŸ‘

u/[deleted] / Via

8. Getting a splinter on wooden playgrounds and/or going on the bouncy bridge and having it pinch your feet.

u/10percentSinTax / Via

9. Having your teacher whip out the ol' projector, but only being able to concentrate on the singular fuzz.

u/ScrunchJeans / Via

10. Stepping on this Lego windshield!!!!!!!

u/[deleted] / Via

11. Diving for these rings and sadistically thriving off the chlorine burning your eyes:

u/Jeffrey_Strange / Via

12. Having to muster up every ounce of strength to put your chair on your desk at the end of the day:

u/Lateroni / Via

13. Being forced to write in cursive within these strict guidelines:

u/ronnieth024 / Via

14. Having these rubber poppers be your greatest source of anxiety:

u/him1087 / Via

15. And finally, watching Shrek 2, falling asleep, and then waking up to this repeating for 20 minutes:

u/Ivanesco3ro / Via

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