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16 Powerful Moments From This Week

No justice, no peace.

1. This week, this 74-year-old woman marched on:

Today I marched along side a 74 year old woman.. this is more then personal for her she’s lost loved ones to police brutality! If we don’t get not justice then y’all don’t get no peace ✊🏽✊🏾

2. These protesters took a 9-minute moment of silence for George Floyd:

A powerful moment as protestors take a 9 minute moment of silence outside of @NMAAHC in honor of #GeorgeFloyd #BlackLivesMatter #dcprotest

3. These friends stood together then, and again now:

4. People danced together in the street while protesting:

5. These people gave out food and resources to protesters:

What the media won’t show in Minneapolis. Free food, water and resources. Community is a verb.

6. These Aztec dancers came out to show their support:

This was beautiful ... absolutely beautiful This thing went sideways once the cops tried to stop the march from getting into Beverly Hills going west of Fairfax and 3rd

7. Healthcare workers joined the protests in Sacramento:

Health care workers protest in Sacramento for #GeorgeFloyd.

8. This woman shut down the concept of "All Lives Matter" in this TikTok:

“Don't be mad that you don't have a movement, be happy you don't NEED one” NOW THATS HOW YOU CLEAR A BICH.

9. This mom marched, even though she had to do it alone:

My mom did her own march since none of her friends wanted to join her ❤️

10. In Ferguson, Missouri, Ella Jones was elected and is the city's first-ever Black mayor:


11. This girl's sign called out white privilege:

12. Muriel Bowser, the mayor of Washington, D.C., had "Black Lives Matter" painted on the street that leads up to the White House:

13. Star Wars actor John Boyega made an emotional speech at a protest in London's Hyde Park:

Hyde park right now. #BlackLivesMattter #BlackLivesMatterUK

14. This woman protested with a sign that pointed out a common hypocrisy:

15. These protesters in Los Angeles sat in the streets while chanting, "I can't breathe":

The media won’t show these peaceful moments that took place in in Beverly Hills today, so we must. #LosAngelesriots

16. And lastly, this moment at a peaceful protest in Minneapolis just deserves to be seen:

Peaceful protest in Minneapolis. Share this. Post this. It’s not exciting, it’s not shocking, but it is POWERFUL.

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