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Updated on Mar 5, 2020. Posted on Mar 2, 2020

16 Visual Representations That Really Put Things Into Perspective

Trust me.

1. This dentist office display that shows how much sugar is in each of these foods:

u/mmaathiaas / Via

2. This model that shows how many Earths can fit into the sun:

u/Ben_the-Human / Via

3. This TikTok that shows the difference between millions of dollars and BILLIONS of dollars:

This TikTok has a really good visual representation of a million versus a billion dollars, which is especially relevant now that people are trying to compare Bernie’s $2.5 million to Bloomberg’s $64 billion

4. This traffic light, next to a human for scale:

u/Sunandmoon33 / Via

5. And also these bears compared to a human:

u/WaitWhat632 / Via

6. The size of a penny compared to a lethal dose of fentanyl — aka 2 milligrams:

u/Crusader583 / Via

7. This picture that shows just how big Michelangelo's "David" really is:

u/YourFellaThere / Via

8. These pictures of the Arctic 104 years ago vs. today:

u/Sumit316 / Via

9. This illustration that shows just how insignificant Downtown LA is compared to Rosetta's comet:

Matt Wang / Via

10. This cool sign that shows what this ancient ruin looked like back in the day:

u/GallowBoob / Via

11. This ballpoint pen that shows how many more words it can write:

u/Ghaatok / Via

12. This depiction of humans' vision compared to birds' vision:

u/tanzaniteflame / Via

13. This is what the sky would look like if Earth had Saturn's rings:

Ron MIller / Via

14. This dolphin brain compared to a human brain:

u/TurtleTheThing / Via

15. This is Stuart Semple’s Black 2.0 — aka one of the blackest black matte paints you can actually buy — compared to another black matte paint:

u/ashlinisn / Via

16. And lastly, this is how big a pound of human fat is...compared to a banana with googly eyes and a mustache, of course:

u/indecisive311 / Via

H/T: r/DamnThatsInteresting

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