20 Suuuper Creative Things People Have Made For Their Pets While In Quarantine

    *immediately pins the cat-sized Bob's Burgers joint to Pinterest board*

    1. This lil' pup's hoomans built them their own fully furnished house!!!

    Living room renovation + dogs own space 🥺

    3. We'd be remiss not to mention the now ~iconic~ squirrel picnic table:

    2 weeks of isolation and we're out here making picnic tables for squirrels because we're insane

    4. This mom made her daughter's dogini a suuuper cute face mask prop*!!!

    My mom made my dog a mask 🥺💀

    *But remember, it really is JUST a prop, since animals don't actually need to — and probably shouldn't — wear masks.

    5. Anakin here has been enjoying his new catio (cat patio, for those unaware):

    I hope Anakin loves his new catio 😻

    6. This person's "first woodworking project" — sure, Jan — turned out much to their pup's liking!!!

    9. This guy made his cat a whole TIKI BAR!!!!!!!!

    Day 65 of #Quarantine: Made a tiki bar for the cat.

    10. This sweet bb stood proudly on their brand new scenic garden bridge!!!

    @WCCO Cleaning out and refilling our pond + a little bit of landscaping! My husband built the dog bridge with leftover fencing materials

    11. This hamster was *VERY* thankful for his teepee, despite some sizing issues:

    12. This pupper showed off their new pool!!!

    my mum built a pool ‘for the dogs’ in my garden dhsjsjdjdj🥺

    13. These roommates built their cat a stage for all their performative antics:

    My roommates built this little set for the cats today. Judas is truly brimming with disdain

    14. This gerbil gazed upon the glorious gerbil art their parents made for them:

    15. This kitters made herself at home in her new well-lit cat mansion:

    16. This Old Boye™ put his new ramp to good use!!!

    18. These three made the most of their lovely indoor-outdoor catio:

    20. And lastly, this catto was grateful for her bridge that allowed her to look out at the world, even though she knows it's best to stay home right now:

    Have you made anything cool for your pets in quarantine? If so, please drop a picture in the comments!!!

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