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    23 People Who Had Such A Bad Week That I Genuinely Feel A Little Sorry For Them (And I'm Not Just Saying That)

    Clap if you think they should suffer. *cue applause*

    1. Whoever gets to clean up this so-called "Honey Bucket":

    2. This cat's owner who, to be fair, probably should've known that this rice looked very pee-in-able:

    3. Whoever got to start their fun lil' beach vacay like so:

    4. This guy's simultaneous financial and medical nightmare 😌:

    5. Just.....yup:

    6. This person who got two left feet (in the extremely literal sense):

    7. This boss who has found themself without: a) a secretary, and b) breakfast...but maybe they deserved it a little? Still though:

    8. This receiver of this both literal and metaphorical package:

    9. Whoever ordered these invisible chicken wings for dinner:

    10. This unknown insect bite–haver:

    11. Again......yup:


    13. Whoever's key THIS is:

    14. Whoever dropped their chips like this:

    15. This airplane passenger who simply wanted a window seat, but ALAS.....:

    16. This McDonald's patron who was given an Egg McMONSTROSITY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    17. The proud owner of a freshly shattered glass table:

    18. This person whose bowl of fruit and yogurt was just a tad garlic-y, no?

    19. This poor, poor, POOOOOOOR cat mom:

    20. This guy with his low-key iconic new tan line:

    21. This person's motorcycle drivin', phone flingin' uncle:

    22. This person who awaited their DoorDash delivery, only to find this:

    23. And lastly, this person who seriously just wanted to have dinner after a long week, but NOPE:

    Hope your weekend is a lot better!!!!!!!!! 😌💖✨

    H/T r/wellthatsucks