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    27 People Who Are Having A Much Worse Day Than You, (Almost) Guaranteed

    Count your lucky stars that you're not these folks.

    1. Having a bad day? Well, at least you're not this person!

    2. Or this stock photo model with an unfortunate casting:

    3. Or these people who live directly across from a driving range!

    4. Or this on-the-go makeup-doer:

    5. Be thankful you're not this cat owner who just wanted some rice:

    6. Or this person whose diamond was — sadly — NOT forever:

    7. Or this person who clearly actually needed this product:

    8. Be grateful that you don't have this pack of feral cats at your door:

    9. At least you're not this weary traveler:

    10. Imagine being this guy who's allergic to LITERALLY EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!

    11. Or getting a speeding ticket while your car was being towed...

    12. Or this biker who got...(wait for it)...NAILED (sorry):

    13. You could be this accidental bedroom captive... What THEN?!?!?!?!

    14. Or these parents...

    15. Or this person who made the very bold choice of bringing some shepherd's pie into bed:

    16. Or this older sibling who now has the world's best villain origin story:

    17. Just be happy that your gummy vites didn't melt en route!!!!!!!!

    18. And that you're not this car haver:

    19. Or this student who was_ SOOOOO_ CLOSE, yet .18% too far:

    20. Or this poor man who deserves to be kept in all of our thoughts and prayers 😔🙏:

    21. Or this girl who should just count her lucky stars that she didn't eat said slug:

    22. And let's not forget "Mr. Peepee":

    23. And this person who was like, "Oh, GRATE!" (lol bad joke):

    24. A moment of silence for the night shift worker who was on the receiving end of THIS:

    25. Perhaps another moment of silence for this person, too... :///

    26. Just remember to count your blessings that you don't have dreadlocks in your Coke:

    27. And lastly, at least you didn't write this lil' memo:

    ANYWHO, hope you feel a little bit better about your own bad day. Always look on the bright side!!!!!!!!!!! 😌💖

    H/T r/Wellthatsucks