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    14 People Whose 2022 Is Already Off To A Waaaay Worse Start Than Yours

    *cue a VERY mournful rendition of "Auld Lang Syne"*

    1. This very, very sad New Year's Eve "party" host:

    2. This person who got absolutely swindled out of an iPad:

    3. Whoever had this lil' pizza blunder:

    4. This person who simply parked, and was then met with this NIGHTMARISH FATE!!!!!!!!

    5. This guy who *LITERALLY* dodged a bullet 10 minutes in:

    7. This person's snow and ice mishaps that was, in fact, neither snow or ice:

    8. This couple who rang in the new year with ✨his and hers spills✨ 😌💕:

    9. These kids who had to mourn the loss of their brand-new trampoline:

    10. This person who lost a tooth (well, technically half a tooth) and a whole lot of money:

    11. This clumsy glasses wearer who has glasses no more, unfortunately:

    12. These siblings who definitely pissed off Pop:

    13. Whoever is dealing with this pretty yet daunting predicament:

    14. And lastly, this neighbor whose "great idea" DEEEEEFINITELY backfired:

    H/T r/wellthatsucks