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    15 Park Bench Plaques That Are Either A) Heartwarming, B) Hilarious, Or C) A Little Bit Of Both

    Sometimes you just need to stop and smell the roses. And read some park bench plaques.

    1. First up, we have this husband's lovely dedication to his wife:

    Twitter: @JackyHabib

    2. Then we have this one for Bruce, who sounded like a 10/10 guy:

    I cry @ every park bench plaque

    Twitter: @VlCKl

    3. Cardi Bench™, of course:

    4. This Classic™:

    5. 😭💕😭💕😭:

    this park bench dedication makes me cry every time 🥺

    Twitter: @shamshi_adad

    6. This dedication that's honestly a heroic act of self-love, if you ask me! 😌

    7. So this isn't quiiiiite a park bench dedication, but it was still a dedication in a park, and it feels

    8. This couples dedication that exudes big "If he wanted to, he would" energy 💕:

    Twitter: @ryanhatesbagels

    9. This plaque that I simply have to respect!

    10. This plaque for Edward Stuart Morrison, who was clearly not a fan of sugarcoating things:

    11. These plaques that proved this city has no sense of humor!!!!!!!!!!!

    12. We love a little park bench dialogue!!!

    13. This plaque honoring Cleo, the honorable shop cat!!!

    14. This iconic lyric (and mantra) for a good ol' meditative bench sit:

    15. And lastly, FOR 😭 BARNEY!!!!!!!! 😭

    Twitter: @brosandprose

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