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    14 Parents Who Are Off Their Rockers (But In The Most Endearing Way)

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    1. These parents who just, like, have A LOT of different energies going on:

    2. This dad who bought a used laptop from some teenager and embraced the kid's ~personal touches~:

    My dad bought his laptop from a teen and refuses to remove the stickers

    3. These parents who featured their son's lovely mugshot on their holiday card:

    tell me why my parents used my mugshot as our christmas cards this year

    4. This mom who was THRIVING while her daughter had contractions:

    My sister is trying to have a baby and my mom is continuing to be a headass

    5. This dad by day, ~hotel manager~ by night:

    My dad is so dramatic when I’m not home all day.

    6. This mom who thought it was a good idea to SHAVE 👏 THE 👏 DOG'S 👏 FEET 👏:

    My mom got her dog’s feet shaved so that they wouldn’t get as dirty when she went outside.........

    7. This dad who celebrated his "proudest moment as a dad":

    My step dad has been trying to get their wiener dog to be pet of the month for two years. April 2019, it finally happened. He sent me this and said “my proudest moment as a dad”

    8. This mom who assured her daughter, "I care you":

    9. This father who's also quite the enthusiastic conversationalist:

    deep convos with ur dad >>>>

    10. This dad who read his son's internet history and was SENT:

    So my dad decided to check the history on my 8 year old brothers ipad... watch till the end 😂

    11. This sweet mama bear who just wanted to encourage her son's educational achievements:

    someone pls get my moms 🤦🏾‍♀️

    12. This mom who dragged her daughter through the literal TRENCHES:

    13. This dad who just had to make his opinion known:

    14. And lastly, this fabulously blatant difference in parenting styles: