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    8 Extremely Overrated Travel Destinations, And 10 More You Probably Haven't Heard Of But Might Wanna Check Out

    "Nashville is just one huge continuous bachelorette party at this point."

    Recently, Reddit user u/lookinsidemybrain1 posted in r/AskReddit asking: "What city is overrated?" Unsurprisingly, people had a LOT of opinions. Here's the top eight cities Reddit users had issues with:

    1. Los Angeles, California

    2. San Jose, California

    3. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    4. Niagara Falls, New York

    5. Pisa, Italy

    6. Nashville, Tennessee

    7. Charleston, South Carolina

    8. Sydney, Australia

    And now for the underrated cities, according to this separate Reddit thread:

    9. Porto, Portugal

    10. Quebec, Canada

    11. Vilnius, Lithuania

    12. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    13. Traverse City, Michigan

    14. Portland, Maine

    15. Washington D.C.

    16. Buenos Aires, Argentina

    17. Girona, Spain

    18. Savannah, Georgia

    Answers have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    So, do you agree or disagree with these redditors? And which cities do you personally think are the most ✨overrated✨ and/or ✨underrated✨? Tell us in the comments!