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    23 Overdone Ideas Wedding Planners Are Sick Of Seeing

    "Bouquet tosses have ruined Beyoncé's 'Single Ladies' for me."

    Recently, we asked the wedding planners of the BuzzFeed Community what they think the most overdone wedding ideas are. Here's what they said!!!

    1. Strapless dresses

    "All through the wedding, the bride and her bridesmaids are CONSTANTLY pulling their dresses up! There are beautiful racerbacks, halter styles, off-the-shoulder dresses, and dresses with sleeves that won't keep falling down all night!"


    2. Bridesmaids in cowboy boots

    "As a bridal stylist, not a planner, it feels like every other bride I have wants a rustic barn wedding with her bridesmaids in cowboy boots."


    3. Labor-intensive drinks

    "As the owner of a bartending company and someone who works closely with wedding planners, please consider how labor-intensive your drinks are. We try to have the bar run as smoothly as possible, but it’s tough for one bartender to serve beer, wine, mixed drinks, and seven 'specialty' cocktails that have 6–15 ingredients each. If you want a high level of service, trust your bartending company to tell you how many bartenders are necessary to pull off your Pinterest bar ideas."


    4. The whole "rustic" aesthetic

    "Please no more mason jars, baby's breath, sunflowers, and cowboy boots! Shake it up and get creative, or trust a professional to design something customized for you and your significant other!"


    5. Sparkler exits

    "Sparkler exits are sooooo 2010 Pinterest!"


    6. Ed Sheeran songs

    "Two words, people...ED!!! SHEERAN!!!!!! Just don’t! If I hear one more first dance to 'Perfect,' I’ll lose my mind! There are so many other amazing songs and artists out there, people!!"


    7. Mason jars as centerpieces


    8. "Cha Cha Slide"

    "There's a sign in our venue's office that says, 'It has been 0 days since 'Cha Cha Slide' was played at a wedding.' It's literally always set on 0."


    9. "Naked" wedding cakes

    "I’ve just noticed that so many people do 'naked' wedding cakes and I just don't get it! They’re essentially a crumb coat, and there's significantly less frosting. Also, it doesn’t allow for any creativity for piping or decorations! To each their own, but I like frosting."


    10. Playing "Single Ladies" during the bouquet toss

    "Bouquet tosses have ruined Beyoncé's 'Single Ladies' for me. That song used to be a banger."


    11. Nautical themes

    "If you live near a coast, having a nautical-themed wedding is even tackier."


    12. Baby's breath — specifically in mason jars

    "As a former florist, I’m over baby’s breath. There are so many inexpensive, beautiful flowers to use besides baby’s breath in mason jars."


    13. Trying to pass off basic drinks as 'signature' cocktails

    "Homegirl, that is a plain-ass margarita — there’s nothing 'signature' about it."


    14. Cupcake stands instead of a wedding cake



    15. Selfie sticks as party favors


    16. Photo booths

    "They're always a hit with guests, but photo booths are at every wedding ever nowadays. Some people think they're different by having a photo mirror, but it's the same result."


    17. Jason Mraz's "Lucky"

    "I swear to god, if I have to listen to Jason Mraz’s 'Lucky' ONE MORE TIME..."


    18. "Required" wedding traditions in general

    "Really the thing I'm the most tired of is less trendy and more traditional — all of the 'required' events. The bouquet toss, garter toss (so cringey), 12 million endless toasts, etc. They suck all the time and make for an incredibly boring wedding. Ditch that stuff and go for a party with dancing, drinks, and great food! People will remember having fun. If your family absolutely needs speeches, have them toast at the rehearsal dinner or happy hour!"


    19. White pigeons and butterflies

    "Just stop with adding animals as a wedding bonus. Sure, it’s cute when you can train your dog to be part of your wedding, but when it comes to other animals, please just don’t. People really don’t know that most white pigeons are being bred in captivity and can't survive in the wild."


    20. Having your first dance to "All of Me" by John Legend


    21. Personalized napkins

    "You are literally THROWING MONEY AWAY."


    22. Party favors in general

    "I've worked as a bartender and waitress for so many weddings, and wedding party favors drive me nuts. Most of them are just left over or discarded, so they're really not worth the money or effort."


    23. And lastly, calling your wedding color "blush" when it's literally just pink

    "The bride will always be like, 'My colors are blush and bashful,' when it's literally pink and pink."


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    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.