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    19 "Meaningless" Tattoos That Are Funny, Original, And Not Just Your Run-Of-The-Mill Infinity Sign

    "Yeah, can I get the fish from SpongeBob that shouts, 'MY LEG!' on my leg?"

    1. This homage to the cultural icon who is Patrick Star!!!!!!

    being a tattoo artist is so funny bro like one day im tattooing a memorial piece and then the next day its this

    Twitter: @sp000kysamInstagram: @samiamthesam

    2. This pun-knee joke:

    3. This ✨Tramp Stamp✨:

    4. This cheeky lil' underboob greeting:

    5. This dino that gave the artist free reign:

    6. This sweet leg tat:

    Today was the day

    Twitter: @rcatsmith

    7. This "bearded" lady adorning an armpit:

    8. Deputy Dill™ and Prickly Pete™, respectively 😌:

    9. This unapologetic pizza slice!!!

    10. This battery with bird parts...???

    11. This SpongeBob ink that made its point!!!

    12. This blue ham, complete with an intriguing footnote:

    13. Flip flipping out from BoJack Horseman:

    14. This BLT:

    15. This cockroach enjoying a Krabby Patty:

    16. These neatly labeled toes:

    17. REPTAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    18. This cute lil' Yoshi 💖:

    19. And lastly and simply put, "Beans" 😌💅✨:

    Do you have a meaningless tattoo that you love? If so, please share a pic of it in the comments below!!!