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    19 Pictures That Hit Different For Those Of Us Who Aren't Quite Millennials But Aren't Gen Z, Either

    If you were born between 1995 and 1997, this might hurt a little.

    1. Gripping onto one of these lunch tables and feeling humbled by its sturdiness:

    Putting your fingers in these lunch tables. from nostalgia

    2. Cracking open a fully charged Razr:

    Found my old Razr from 2006 from nostalgia

    3. Unzipping one of these big, burly binders and having a hundred loose homework assignments fall out:

    5 Star First Gear from nostalgia

    4. Rolling up some good ol' straps:

    Rolling up the straps on your backpack from nostalgia

    5. Crumpling up a piece of paper until it was like a soft blankie!!!!!!!!

    Did anyone else use to crumble up paper until it turned super soft? from nostalgia

    6. This, of course 😌:

    Running your fingers along the bricks from nostalgia

    7. Flipping through a Brain Quest and only knowing the answers to the easiest questions:

    Brain Quest from nostalgia

    8. Writing with the Holy Grail of Elementary School Coolness™:

    The struggle of using a short pencil... but the coolness factor was worth it from nostalgia

    9. Walking on the unmistakable consistency of a McDonald's floor:

    Somehow, this McDonald's floor was always sticky and slippery at the same time. from nostalgia

    10. Falling on one of these mats in gym class and just bracing for impact:

    Anyone remember those mats that didnt even soften the fall when you landed on them? from nostalgia

    11. Getting one of these on your homework and scratchin' and sniffin' it like a goddamn FIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Scratch and Sniff stickers from nostalgia

    12. Poppin' one of these orange bad boys into the VCR and enjoyin' the show:

    Nickelodeon's orange VHS tapes from nostalgia

    13. Putting one of these on your hand and inhaling its plasticky stench:

    Dinosaur hand puppets from McDonald’s from nostalgia

    14. Running your fingers across the washboard texture of these borders:

    Border Rolls for decorating the classroom from nostalgia

    15. Sliding your pencil through a pencil pillow and then gripping its squishiness:

    Pencil Pillows! I can still remember the rubber smell... from nostalgia

    16. Accidentally whipping the shit out of your legs with these whenever you attempted to jump rope:

    Remember those jump ropes with plastic beads all over?? from nostalgia

    17. Experiencing the minty oral wrath of an Ice Breakers Liquid Ice:

    Ice breakers liquid ice, way too minty from nostalgia

    18. Attempting to blow a Bloonie™ and instead just marveling at its incomparable texture:

    Bloonies from nostalgia

    19. And lastly, typing "80085" into this very calculator and snickering quietly to yourself:

    Remember this calculator from middle school? from nostalgia

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