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    October 3rd Falls On A Wednesday This Year, So If You Don't Wear Pink, I Will Personally Victimize You


    ATTENTION EVERYONE: Our favorite and most important holiday, October 3rd, is right around the river-bend.

    October 3rd is the day we reflect on Aaron Samuels asking Cady what day it was β€” a moment in time we as Mean Girls fans must ne'er forget.

    Well, this year, the ~Power of the Plastics~ is at an all-time high. Why, you ask? Because this October 3rd falls on a Wednesday...

    ...and on Wednesdays...(all together now)...

    ...WE πŸ‘ WEAR πŸ‘ PINK. πŸ‘

    So in honor of the upcoming holiday, Twitter is asking that we all wear pink in solidarity:

    PSA, this year October 3rd will fall on a Wednesday, so everyone will have to wear pink, let's make this event happen!

    Ya heard it here first, people: Put that ish in your iCal!!!!!!!!

    And if you don't participate, sorry, but *takes deep breath* YOUCANTSITWITHUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks! Have a great rest of your day!!!!!!!! πŸ’