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    Updated on Oct 27, 2019. Posted on Feb 23, 2019

    20 Hilarious Notes From Students That Teachers Have Actually Received

    "I drew a picture of you and your boyfriend in your house, but then I realized you don’t have a boyfriend, so I erased him."

    Recently, we asked the teachers of the BuzzFeed Community to share the funniest notes they've received from their students. Here are some of our favorites:

    1. This little memo about the "caufe" incident:

    "Found this note from one of my first graders AFTER I drank all my caufe (coffee)."


    2. This comprehensive list of their teacher's good qualities:

    3. These drawings of their teacher's very fascinatingly dark roots:

    "My 3rd grade students took a vested interest in my roots growing out."


    4. These "weading matirials":

    "A few years ago, one of my 7th grade students wrote my boyfriend at the time (now my husband) a lovely letter complete with a list of 'wedding materials.' I still have it to this day!"


    5. This indisputable #fact:

    6. This apology, tinged with flecks of remorse:

    7. This note from a ~Bad Bicth~:

    "Found this on the chalkboard. Apparently a student was asked to write down how they were feeling..."


    8. This erasable boyfriend:

    "My first year of teaching, a sweet little girl drew me this picture. She said, 'I drew a picture of you and your boyfriend in your house, but then I realized you don’t have a boyfriend, so I erased him.' You can see my erased boyfriend in the drawing."


    9. This strong political statement:

    10. This worksheet seemingly completed by a bagel:

    "Students handed in their work. I saw this thinking it's a joke, so I said, 'Who wrote their name as a bagel?' All I saw were confused kids, and it took me a moment to realize the kid who wrote it meant 'Abigail' and was trying to change her name one worksheet at a time."


    11. This inconspicuous and completely innocent drawing of people on "segways":

    "No note, but here's a drawing a student gave me. She told me we are riding segways. She also told me I’m the big one on the left. 🤔"


    12. This ~not-bribe~:

    "A senior who was failing and in danger of not graduating gave me this for Teacher Appreciation Day!"


    13. These straightforward instructions:

    "My students are very concerned about my love life (or lack thereof), so I got this gem on how to draw my own boyfriend since I can’t find my own."


    14. This self-reflection that takes onus over one's own poor behavior, but also acknowledges that "you be being mean sometimes":

    "I teach middle school English. A student left this on my desk and said, 'Mr. Hicks, don’t read it while I’m in here.'"


    15. This short, sweet message:

    "This was supposed to say 'bite me.' A student left it as a little surprise on my computer screen!"


    16. This gentle reminder CC'ed to Digity Dog:

    "My husband teaches 8th grade and clearly has a casual working relationship with his students, as shown in this student’s email to him."


    17. This vaguely-threatening love note:

    "'I love you. I see you. I know where you are.' Umm...thanks?"


    18. This student's *ONLY* Christmas wish:

    "Her only Christmas wish was to find me a man."


    19. This student's sincere apology, made exponentially better by her professing her love:

    "'Miss Kaitlyn, I’m sorry I threw my shoe at you, it won’t happen again.' LOL."


    20. And lastly, this ~deep~ philosophical take on life and its many questions:

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