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    21 Signs You Definitely Have Nomophobia

    You may not know it yet, but you 100% have it.

    Nomophobia โ€” which comes from no mobile phone phobia โ€” is the very ~modern~ fear of being without your phone or not having service.

    Odds are you have it, and you'll probably relate to the following 21 things:

    1. Watching your battery die gives you shortness of breath.

    2. When you go out, you immediately start looking for the nearest outlet to charge your phone.

    3. If someone plays with your phone and manages to disable it for five minutes, you want them dead.

    4. And also, those five minutes feel like *elderly Rose voice* 84 YEARS.

    5. You've heard your phone buzz while you were ~fooling around~ and had to force yourself not to check it.

    6. If your phone starts acting weird, you start acting like a concerned parent whose child has the flu.

    7. And dropping your phone off for repairs leaves you feeling hollow and alone.

    8. Sleeping over at someone else's house and not being able to charge your phone is MADDENING.

    9. When someone asks to borrow your charger, you're afraid that you'll never see it again.

    Anyone: can I borrow your charger pls ? Me:

    10. The thought of forgetting your phone at home and having to actually listen in class is TRAGIC!!!!!!!

    was forced to listen to class because i left my phone at home.. a nightmare thank god thatโ€™s over

    11. Going anywhere without Wi-Fi feels like being isolated on a desert island with no food, water, or any other humans within a thousand-mile radius.

    12. You can't sleep without knowing your phone is next to you. ๐Ÿ’–

    โ€œwhatโ€™s your favorite position in bed?โ€ near an outlet so my phone can charge near me

    13. You've had nightmares about losing your phone.

    14. And losing your phone IRL is a waking nightmare.

    Riley lost his phone on the mountain yesterday and I just went through my pictures i took and ARE YOU FUCKIN KIDDING ME LMAOOOO

    15. Having your phone taken away as punishment is worse than being pinned down and forced to watch a reel of all the embarrassing shit you've done in your life.

    16. The Find My iPhone app is a literal GODSEND.

    17. Almost dropping your phone always gives you a mini panic attack.

    18. And dropping your phone and cracking its screen feels like you just got punched in the face.

    19. But nothing compares to the high you get when it falls and DOESN'T shatter!!!!!!!!!

    when I drop my Iphone and it makes a loud thud with the screen facing down and it somehow miraculously wasnโ€™t shattered

    20. You'll use your phone with an obscenely cracked screen just to avoid dropping it off for repair and being without it for several hours.

    21. And lastly, when you see a stranger drop their phone, you immediately empathize with them and wish them the best.