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    21 Funny Tweets About Nick Cannon Expecting His 12th Child...One Week After Announcing His 11th

    It's giving Cheaper by the Dozen.

    Today, it was announced that Nick Cannon — infamous paternal prodigy — is expecting his 12th(!!!!!!!) child, this time with Abby De La Rosa, with whom he already has two children.

    This is especially shocking since just last week, it was announced that he was expecting his 11th(!!!!!!!) child with model and Wild 'N Out costar Alyssa Scott.

    Of course, Twitter had a lot to say on the matter, so here are some of the best tweets:


    STOPPPPP @NickCannon

    Twitter: @ntferny


    nick cannon when a woman looks in his general direction:

    Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images, @hiabbydelarosa/ instagram.comTwitter: @willfulchaos


    Nick Cannon FaceTiming his kids

    Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images , Twitter / @itsalyssaemm / / Via @NicoleSjaks / Twitter: @NicoleShaks


    How many kids does NIck Cannon have?

    Twitter / RGIII / Twitter: @RGIII


    Us when Nick Cannon books the family holiday to Europe

    Aaron Poole/E! Entertainment / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via Getty Images  / Instagram: @itsalyssaemm / Via Twitter / Ryanair / Twitter: @Ryanair


    Nick Cannon’s kids introducing themselves:

    Twitter: @liamgareau


    People are so focused on what's wrong with Nick Cannon but I really would like to know more about the mothers of the children. Is it a cult? What is the selling point? What is the compensation package? There has to be a damn good selling point.

    Twitter: @KevCoke6


    young ma pregnant?? i KNOW nick cannon did this

    Twitter: @spaceeong


    Nick Cannon on FT with his kids

    Twitter / @heyjaeee / Twitter: @heyjaeee


    What is Joe Biden's plan to stop Nick Cannon

    Twitter: @lisetgarcia_ / Bruce Glikas / WireImage / @hiabbydelarosa /Instagram: @hiabbydelarosa


    BBC , Twitter / @meenastoyboy / Twitter: @meenastoyboy


    Nick cannon's 26th son in 2031 finding out his dad's 58th child is on it's way:

    Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images , @hiabbydelarosa / / Via Twitter / @miles_tzu / Twitter: @miles_tzu


    Nobody: Nick Cannon kids at the birthday parties:

    Twitter / @kcjj_04 / Twitter: @kcjj_04


    Nick Cannon’s impact

    Twitter / @harryflorals / Twitter: @harryfIorals / BobNoah / Shutterstock


    Nick Cannon knocking out kids like Mariah knocked out #1’s in the 90’s

    Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images , Twitter / @LAHXLLUClNATION / Twitter: @LAHXLLUClNATION


    How bout you let me know when Nick Cannon is *not* expecting a baby.

    Twitter: @susie_meister


    First date questions: are you currently expecting a child with Nick Cannon?

    Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images , @hiabbydelarosa /  Twitter: @jasebyjason


    In about 18 years, elections will be solely decided by the children of Nick Cannon.

    Twitter: @BigRadMachine


    please stop having children i cant worry about meeting a distant relative of nick cannon every 2 miles in the next 10 years

    Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images , @hiabbydelarosa / instagram.comTwitter: @mothicflame


    Nick cannon seeing an article about declining birth rates

    Twitter / @SteveMerkle9 / Twitter: @SteveMerkle9


    The mothers of Nick Cannon's children need to unionize

    Twitter / @HawliBear / Twitter: @HawliBear