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    63 Things That Are Totally And Undeniably New York City Culture

    Accidentally dropping one AirPod onto the subway tracks.

    1. Wearing all black head-to-toe

    2. Changing your distance on Tinder and then realizing you don't wanna go all the way to Brooklyn for a hookup

    3. Crying in public

    4. Specifically crying on the subway at 2 a.m.

    5. Sh*tting on New Jersey

    6. Seasonal Affective Disorder

    7. The New Yorker subscription tote bags

    8. Under-eye bags

    9. Vodka sodas

    10. Running into your ex at Pret A Manger

    11. Complaining about Mercury retrograde

    12. “I’m the Carrie”

    13. Tide to Go pens

    14. Whispering “It smells like pee” when you get on the subway

    15. French bulldogs

    16. Lexapro

    17. Ordering trentas at Starbucks

    18. Flirting with your super to get him to fix your toilet

    19. Depression

    20. Anxiety

    21. Seeing Alec Baldwin outside of NYU

    22. Flagels

    23. Quoting podcasts semi-out of context

    24. Wearing Yankees merch even though you don’t care about sports

    25. Complaining about the L train

    26. Peeing yourself at TAO nightclub

    27. Taking an improv class with Upright Citizens Brigade

    28. Street art that says "Fulfill your destiny"

    29. Judging people who wade into the fountain in Washington Square Park

    30. Mini bottles of hand sanitizer from CVS

    31. Telling everyone you’d never want to live in the suburbs

    32 Hating children

    33. Coffee sh*ts

    34. Avoiding midtown

    35. Being poor

    36. Cutting out dairy

    37. Feeling kind of sad for broken umbrellas left on the sidewalk

    38. Making fun of LA for driving Priuses and other stuff

    39. Accidentally dropping one AirPod onto the subway tracks

    40. “I went to Gallatin”

    41. Instagramming pics of yourself holding a coffee in Central Park or something

    42. Fake leather jackets

    43. Candles that smell like nature

    44. Getting excited when you see a rare, mostly-white pigeon

    45. Rollerblading across the Brooklyn Bridge (going towards Brooklyn, obvi)

    46. Having a panic attack in the household aisle at Duane Reade

    47. Ordering wine on Postmates

    48. And ordering Insomnia Cookies 30 minutes later

    49. Strong calves

    50. Strong immune systems

    51. Weak intellectual arguments

    52. Ending a relationship solely because they live above 143rd Street

    53. Dogs in booties

    54. Throwing up on the Ikea ferry

    55. Missing your subway stop after Sunday brunch

    56. Going to The Strand and only buying a pair of socks with pugs on them

    57. Bushwick bangs

    58. Getting Artichoke Pizza after going out even though you said you were cutting out dairy

    59. Praying your Uber driver doesn't talk to you

    60. Making up a life story for every rat you see on the subway tracks

    61. Drinking water

    62. Specifically out of a knock-off Swell

    63. And lastly, how blue Alec Baldwin’s eyes are in person.