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    The Philadelphia Flyers Just Introduced Their New Mascot And It's...Umm...

    "Stared at the new Flyers mascot for too long and now I have to take a walk."

    So I don't know anything about sports, nor do I particularly care about them, but I do love animals and animals are often sports teams' mascots. *Deep breath* Soooooo I guess I do have ~some~ agency when it comes to mascots.

    And boy do I have some thoughts on this one.

    Join us in welcoming the newest member of the #Flyers Family, @GrittyNHL!! Learn more about Gritty:

    The Philadelphia Flyers just introduced their new mascot, a furry orange abomination known as "Gritty."

    And I'm sorry, but like...the fuck is this?


    Even the Pittsburgh Penguins are like...umm?????

    Well, according to the internet, the Flyers have described "it" as "a seven-foot, orange, fuzzy creature with lidless googly eyes." Hmmm.

    IDK, his Twitter banner looks like me when I'm drunk at the bar and looking for some random finance bro to make out with.

    And Twitter agrees that Gritty is, do I put this? Umm...downright TERRIFYING:

    Gritty looks like he's seen some shit

    stared at the new Flyers mascot too long and now i have to take a walk

    Basically, I'm never sleeping again, but like, long live Gritty!!!!!!

    What do you think about Gritty? Let us know in the comments!!!