23 Nepo Babies On Their First Red Carpets With Their Famous Parents Vs. Their Most Recent Ones

    Imagine being used to this life...........

    1. Here's Hailey Bieber on a red carpet not too long ago:

    And here she is (left) with her sister Alia and their famous actor, producer, and director father, Stephen Baldwin, at the Shrek 2 premiere in 2004:

    2. Here's Queen Miley Cyrus at her most recent red carpet:

    And here she is in 2006 on the carpet with her famous dad, musician and Hannah Montana costar Billy Ray Cyrus:

    3. Here's a recent red carpet shot of Lily Collins at the premiere of her hit Netflix show, Emily in Paris:

    And here she is back in 1993 on the carpet with her dad, "In the Air Tonight" singer Phil Collins, and her mom, actor Jill Tavelman.

    4. Here's Daisy Jones & The Six star Riley Keough at the show's advance screening:

    And here she is in 2002 with her brothers and their late mother, Lisa Marie Presley — so yeah, she's Elvis's granddaughter:

    5. Here are Willow and Jaden Smith on the red carpet with their HUGELY famous parents, actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith semi-recently:

    And here they are on a green "red" carpet with them again back in 2005:

    6. Here's Maude Apatow walking the carpet after making her Off-Broadway debut in the musical Little Shop of Horrors:

    And here she is walking the 40-Year-Old Virgin red carpet with her actor mom, Leslie Mann, and her filmmaker dad, Judd Apatow, in 2005:

    7. Here's model Kaia Gerber recently:

    And here she is with her supermodel mom, Cindy Crawford, in 2006:

    8. Here's Zoë Kravitz as of late:

    And here she is with her musician father Lenny Kravitz and her actor mama Lisa Bonet on the carpet back in 1989:

    9. Here's actor Maya Hawke posing at a recent Fashion Week event:

    And here she is in 2013 with her brother Levon Roan and her dad, actor Ethan Hawke. Her mom is Uma Thurman, but she didn't make the shot lol:

    10. Here's Laura Dern at a recent premiere in Paris:

    And here she is back in 1996 with her actor parents, Diane Ladd and Bruce Dern:

    11. Here's Dakota Johnson walking the Sundance Film Festival carpet recently:

    And here she is at the 1997 People's Choice Awards with her half-brother Alexander and her actor dad, Don Johnson. Her mom is Melanie Griffith:

    12. Here's Zoe Deutch on a recent red carpet:

    And here she is with her actor mom, Lea Thompson, posing back in 2009. Her dad is film director Howard Deutch, who ain't pictured:

    13. Here's Hacks actor Hannah Einbinder on a step-and-repeat:

    And here she is with her mom Laraine Newman — an original Saturday Night Live cast member — in 2015. Her dad is actor and writer Chad Einbinder:

    14. Here are actors Rumer Willis and Scout Willis a bit ago:

    And here they are (Scout on the left, Rumer on the right) with their actor parents Bruce Willis and Demi Moore in 1996:

    15. Here's actor Bryce Dallas Howard quite recently:

    16. And here she is in 2003 with her actor and filmmaker dad Ron Howard:

    17. Here's actor Billie Lourd showing off her baby bump on the carpet:

    And here she is with her legendary mom, Carrie Fisher, at the 1998 premiere of Lion King II: Simba's Pride:

    18. Here's actor, writer, and Schitt's Creek creator Dan Levy recently:

    And here he is with his actor/Schitt's Creek co-creator dad, Eugene Levy, gracing the carpet together back in 2014:

    19. Here's a recent red carpet photo of actor John David Washington:

    And here he is (the oldest son) with his actor dad, Denzel Washington, and the rest of his family as his dad imprinted his footprints on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1998:

    20. Here's actor Ben Platt at a recent premiere:

    And here he is with his film, theatre, and television producer dad, Marc Platt, in 2014:

    21. Here's actor Margaret Qualley strutting:

    And here she is (on the right) with her actor mom, Andie MacDowell, her model dad, Paul Qualley, and her sister, Rainey, in 1999:

    22. Here's Sex Lives of College Girls actor Charlie Hall as of late:

    And here he is in 2010 with his brother and their famous parents, actor, comedian, and producer Julia Louis-Dreyfus and actor, comedian, and filmmaker Brad Hall:

    23. And lastly, here's our favorite Nepo Baby™ Jamie Lee Curtis stunning on the carpet, as always:

    Aaaaaaand here she is back in 1975 with her actor parents Janet Leigh (of Psycho fame) and Tony Curtis: