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    Mar 31, 2020

    19 Tweets That Absolutely Obliterated Men This Month

    *Moves bang to read tweets*

    Here are a bunch of tweets from this month that 1) lightly roasted men, and 2) made me giggle while on the clock. If you think these are funny, be sure to follow the accounts to make your Twitter timeline a funnier place! 😌



    moving to Colorado is the male version of getting bangs


    to anyone spending their quarantine thinking about men, you are already sick


    What are men doing during all this extra free time? Reflecting on their actions i hope


    on the bright side the only guys getting laid rn are the ones who had the good sense to man up and commit


    Men are having a hard time social distancing because they’ve lied so much about their height they don’t actually know what 6 feet looks like.


    tell a white dude you haven’t seen Step Brothers and he looks at you like you committed war crimes


    Behind every successful woman is an unsuccessful man not wearing any pants:



    something about a man having an opinion just doesn’t sit right with me


    all men do is reply with “?”


    My heart goes out to men whom without sports are feeling their feelings for the first time instead of yelling at the screen welcome bitch here’s a white wine


    men produce sperm their whole lives, but they produce good jokes hardly ever


    I sent my bf a nude last night and his reply was “hey lady lookin good” and I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever be horny again.


    Guys in organized sports think getting terrible haircuts as a team is the pinnacle of bonding


    most white guy comedy is like “i’m actually so boring it’s interesting”


    sometimes a girl will have such an ugly boyfriend that i’m like oh ur like STRAIGHT straight


    i sent a selfie to a boy and all he did was like it gbye


    [opening Instagram] Who of my male friends must I watch play guitar today?

    19. And finally:

    big dick men are immune to the coronavirus 😴

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