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    Updated on Apr 30, 2020. Posted on Apr 29, 2020

    25 Tweets That Absolutely Obliterated Men This Month

    Another month of raging against the patriarchy...

    DISCLAIMER: I obviously did not write these tweets. I simply think they are funny and wanted to share them with you guys. Please enjoy, and if some of these tweets hit home with you, please be sure to follow the person who tweeted it to ensure that your Twitter feed stays full of funny jokes about men. Enjoy!



    guys will stand 5’8” from you and call it 6 feet


    Grown men making onlyfans ? Did you at least try selling drugs ?


    i hate when men use this “🥺” emoji. what are you begging for when patriarchy is here for you?


    Men be like “the fuck I look like” & be the fuck that looked like.


    Oh my god y’all this guy i used to talk to made me a playlist like a year ago called “for syd” and i have had it saved to my spotify library since and i just saw it for the first time in months and it’s called “for bailey”



    some of my best writing has been wasted on sexts to men whose best reply was, "is that so?"


    do yall think dads b reflecting on the trauma they cause while sipping their tea/coffee ?


    Guys are awful bc they will call every woman they’ve ever slept with or dated “female” but will name a boat “Michelle”


    watching boys play video games like hmm okay so u do have passion and the ability to focus



    boys can recommend whatever movies they want to recommend, I’m going to smile and nod then watch my own Instagram story instead


    sopranos is gossip girl for men. don’t tell me it’s more “elevated” bc it’s not. the characters are just uglier.


    I have never found a straight man funny. if I like your tweet I wanna fuck you


    men having fun is a red flag to me. female trait


    Any woman consensually making a dollar off of men being horny is a queen in my book


    Men learning about feminism


    goodnight ladies remember to die before telling a man how you feel about them


    when u meet ur friend’s new boyfriend and u can immediately tell he sucks


    i have a* crush** *gaslighted myself **into thinking a man is smart and cool


    every woman working from home is doing so on a macbook air on the couch, cup of tea. every man is at a 3-monitor setup with the loudest keyboard he could find at best buy.


    He’s 4’11” with no neck and wants Rose to shave her legs because he finds it “gross”. If it’s one thing men always have it’s the fucking audacity.


    men miss anniversaries and birthdays but they NEVER miss an insta models bikini pic and i think that’s really inspiring tbh


    omg when i was 16 i had a crush on this boy who was known for having sex w like every girl he hung out with and he kept asking me to hang out but i didn’t want that so i snapchatted him a video of me lip syncing we don’t have to take our clothes off by ella eyre and he blocked me


    no. have a good day.

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