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Millennials Are Being Blamed For “Killing” Divorce, And The Jokes Basically Wrote Themselves

"Little shocking that Bloomberg didn't phrase this as like 'millennials are ruining divorce lawyers' retirement plans' or some shit."

Older people looooooove to blame millennials for "killing" things and causing everything wrong in this world.

Well, according to a new study, millennials are now also "killing" divorce.

(AKA they're actually staying married.)

Like, this is an actual headline:

Not "Millennials Are Staying In Lasting Marriages," but "Millennials are CAUSING THE US DIVORCE RATE TO PLUMMET"!!!!!!!!!!!

That's like saying, "The person with depression is actually feeling good today, THUS OVERTHROWING THE THERAPY INDUSTRY!!!!!!!"

Obviously, millennials on Twitter took Bloomberg to task about their wording:

Typical millennials, ruining another sacred institution with their avocado toasts and commitment to stable relationships 🙄

God damn millennials are ruining divorce!

little shocking that bloomberg didn’t phrase this as like “millennials are ruining divorce lawyers’ retirement plans” or some shit

“Those damn millennials, ruining...” *rolls dice* “DIVORCE”

people are surprised that millennials are forcing the divorce rate to plummet like we can financially afford to build a life up together with someone else lol sorry you said till death and we have loans and a shared Netflix


RUINED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!