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Updated on Apr 28, 2020. Posted on Apr 24, 2020

Sorry Gen Z'ers, Only Millennials Are Passing This Object Quiz

Ahh, the age-old age battle rages on...

  1. First off, what did this thing do?

  2. What about this thing?

    u/FunnyCutty23 /
  3. What did this thing do?

    u/coltysei23 /
  4. What about this thing?

    u/HawkeyeBubber /
  5. What did this thing do?

    u/se7en30 /
  6. What about this?

    u/joshman150 /
  7. What did this bird thing do?

    u/Jaimass /
  8. What food did this thing make?

    u/ratterstinkle /
  9. What did this mildly terrifying toy do?

    u/yellycat /
  10. What did this do?

    u/itbezacc /
  11. What did these lil' guys do?

    u/space_n12 /
  12. And lastly, what did these things do?

    u/torpedomon /

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