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Updated on May 3, 2020. Posted on Apr 29, 2020

Sorry, Gen Z'ers, Only Millennials Are Passing This Wildly Nostalgic Classroom Quiz

Back to the '90s we go...

  1. First off, what did these treasure chests hold?

  2. What was the name of the school in this book?

  3. This order form was from what book fair?

    SSpSpoSpouSpout /
  4. Which game were these used for?

    gabriellalejandra /
  5. Where would you find this?

    ragincasian1 /
  6. What did this contraption do?
  7. What dance were these kids doing?

    someguy34a /
  8. What was this machine called?

    Getty Images
  9. What were these thingies used for?

    RefrigMike /
  10. What was this person doing to this calculator?

    Mea05cer /
  11. What was the blue part of the eraser for?

    Lauren092916 /
  12. What was the name of this pencil box brand?

    FatSloppyPecker /
  13. What the heck was this?

    u/-icon /
  14. And lastly, what was this paper used for?

    ronnieth024 /

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