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    17 Mental Health Cheat Sheets That Everyone Should Have Bookmarked, Honestly

    You never know when you or someone you know might need them.

    For Mental Health Awareness Month, I thought it'd be nice to compile some of my favorite graphics to help you navigate and understand your own mental health and the mental health of others. I hope these help. ๐Ÿ’–

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    WARNING: Mentions of suicide, abuse.

    1. This guide on the benefits of a good cry:

    Why crying is helpful from coolguides

    2. These life hacks, but for happiness chemicals!

    Activities that make your brain release happy chemicals from coolguides

    3. These tell-tale signs of anxiety:

    Warning signs anxiety is setting in from coolguides

    4. This full chart of emotions to help you label exactly how you're feeling:

    A chart for your emotions. My therapist sent me this, it's pretty cool :) from coolguides

    5. This countdown visual on some ways to take care of yourself:

    Simple guide to staying healthy from coolguides

    6. Signs to help you recognize a mentally abused brain:

    Recognizing a Mentally Abused Brain from coolguides

    7. This helpful guide on when and when not to say you're sorry:

    If you have toxic or otherwise problematic family, this may be a helpful guide for the holidays from coolguides

    8. These charts to help understand depression symptoms:

    A more comprehensive guide to symptoms of depression from coolguides

    9. These 10 ways to build relationships with kids (but really, with adults too):

    I think these simple points could help a lot. from coolguides

    10. How to set boundaries, for anyone who might be feeling a little drained:

    How to turn down an invite. from coolguides

    11. Some ways to calm an anxiety attack:

    Just a little something for the upcoming holiday season. from coolguides

    12. This visual on how we talk about suicide vs. being suicidal:

    "Sometimes even to live is an act of courage." Ask for help , Suicide is not the answer. from coolguides

    13. This handy chart on phrases you can say to avoid toxic positivity:

    Alternate phrases to avoid toxic positivity from coolguides

    14. This diagram on different types of tired so you can properly articulate how you're feeling:

    Types of Tired from coolguides

    15. These how-tos of modeling healthy disagreements:

    Modelling Disagreement for Children from coolguides

    16. How to speak in a way that makes others more receptive:

    Speaking to children, and honestly adults. from coolguides

    17. And lastly, this guide to recognizing what you can and cannot control:

    Guide to what you can and cannot control during these times. from coolguides

    H/T r/coolguides