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I'm Sorry, But Shane Oman Was The Real Regulation Hottie Of "Mean Girls"


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1. Unlike ~pious~ Aaron, Shane Oman is the high school bad boy you know your parents wouldn't approve of.

Paramount Pictures / Via Netflix

The letterman jacket? The doubled-up red solo cup that's presumably full of lukewarm beer?

Hubba hubba.

2. He's thoughtful and inquisitive.

Paramount Pictures / Via

He knew that Coach Carr gave Kälteen bars to his team when they wanted to move up a weight class, and that Regina wasn't going to lose her desired three pounds on those things. Good communication on Shane's part.


6. He's uninhibited, and it's so refreshing!

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He was so excited when he won Spring Fling King. Most guys would've tried to hide their feelings in an effort to seem ~cool~ and ~manly~, but no, Shane Oman was absolutely #LIVING in the moment. I think we could all learn something from him, js js...