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    Posted on May 12, 2018

    These 31 Matching Mom And Child Tattoos That'll Make You Want To Call Your Mom

    "Moms are the best."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us the matching tattoos they got with their moms, and basically, our hearts EXPLODED!!! Here are some of our faves:

    Warning: Some stories may be troubling to some readers.


    "My mom and I smash the patriarchy." —aniag479cd4b1c


    "My stepmom — who took over the role of my mother when I was very young — and I have the coordinates of my Nana’s home which is where we first met. It’s a reminder that all roads lead us home." —jennaf47e191135


    "My first tattoo was a seahorse tattoo to match my mom’s. I’d wanted to get one in the same place as hers for years, and so I finally did it when I turned 18! They’re a little different so they’re both unique to us." —sophies43b3999f7


    "A few years ago, my family rescued a pit bull and he forever changed our lives! My mom volunteers at the animal shelter so much that she was even there on Christmas Day. We just want dogs to find their happy forever home, so when it came to getting a tattoo, we knew we wanted paw prints." —kaylasuazo


    "My 91 year old mom got a rose on her back, I got a rose on my arm, and my daughters each got a rosebud." —miac888


    "My mom and I got these flower tattoos last year. I have a Lily of the Valley for the month of May (my mom's birth month), and she got a purple rose for June (my birth month and favorite color)." —alexisktravers


    "My mom was a tattoo virgin. For Christmas 2016, we were going to get matching elephants for each other, but we never got to do it as she suddenly grew sick and passed away. I got it in honor of her, adding the Roman numerals of the day she passed. Now I know she’s always with me." —briet3



    "My mom, sister, and I got matching tattoos as our Christmas present last year. My mom has always collected elephant figurines and loves that they represent loyalty and family. My sister drew this elephant and the three birds to represent how even though we all live in three different states, we will always be near each other in our hearts." —sophiaa4e2dbf0ae


    "For my mom's 60th birthday, I took her to get matching tattoos! We’d talked about doing it for years, but I was afraid she’d back out so I didn’t tell her what we were doing — sorry Ma! We got snowflakes, because we have always loved Christmas time and the snow SO much, and it’s just become a part of who we are! Plus, let’s be honest, we’re both a little flakey!" —megevelynj


    "For my 18th birthday, my mom and I got tattoos with lyrics from 'Sweet Child of Mine.' My mom and I are very close and that's always been our song, so it was a natural choice!" —mollyg4c2962931


    "We can trace our Irish lineage back centuries, so my mom and I got the Celtic Trinity that stands for mother and child." —j44522ea3b


    "My mom introduced me to music when I was really young, from singing every night before bed to taking piano lessons starting in kindergarten. I jokingly asked her if she wanted to get matching tattoos and to my surprise, she said yes!" —emmas41e294448



    "My mom and I got these after I graduated from flight attendant training. It’s a mother holding a daughter's shoulders because she always has my back." —krissyp3


    "We’ve been through a lot, but we're always there for each other, anchoring down against stormy weather. Pink tulips are my favorite and he’s got a big ol’ red beard going, so that's how we made it ours." —chriss43b1d7cc8


    "My mom and I got matching hearts. She filled hers in for my dad and has three stars coming off of it to represent me and my two brothers. I just got married and I'm five months pregnant, so when my son is born, I'll go in and have them fill my heart in for my husband and add a star for my son." —kaylah4c0d48475


    "One of our favorite parts of Christmas is a Pittsburgh tradition: the Eat 'n Park Christmas tree commercial. Now we get to be Christmas nerds all year 'round!" —thewritegirl79


    "For Christmas this year, my mom, my brother, and I all got matching tattoos. My mom has the tattoo with the first triangle colored in, my brother has the second triangle colored, and mine is the third." —j437a857ca


    "Our cat’s name is Leo, and my mom wanted us to get something to commemorate him forever. We decided on the astrological sign for Leo because it’s just so beautiful. It was the first tattoo for both of us and we got it on my 18th birthday!" —kensingtonr


    "Birds of a feather flock together!” —brooken40038a8de


    "My family always signs 'I love you' to each other, so all five of us actually got the same one for my sister's 18th birthday." —ashleyl31


    "My mom and I had a really rough relationship when I was growing up. When I turned 17, we decided we wanted to turn over a new leaf. We got this tattoo together to symbolize our new, positive beginning." —caitlynv3


    "My mom randomly texted me saying that she wanted to get her first tattoo, and she wanted it with me! We chose the phrase ‘like mother like daughter’. To make it a whole lot more personal, we decided to have it written in each other’s handwriting." —saml42e645b23


    "My mom and I got matching tattoos for our dog of sixteen years. We wanted a way to remember her as she was the love of our lives." —jessieb43c32373b


    "When I turned 18 and survived my second suicide attempt, I decided I wanted to get a semicolon tattoo to celebrate making it to young adulthood. In high school, my parents found out about my mental instability. My mom and I became very close after I opened up to her about my struggles with my mental health. She decided she wanted to get the tattoo with me to commemorate how far we had both come. We added a heart to express our love to each other, and the arrow because she always told me that sometimes you need to be pulled back in order to be launched forward. She is my best friend and I’m so lucky to have her support in my journey to a healthier life." —cordeliah4ce1a407c


    "I have autism and she had breast cancer. We got these together and it was so fun." —kevinn48cf2d105


    "Mine says 'she keeps me safe' and my mom’s says 'she keeps me wild.' She put the word ‘wild’ in purple to represent epilepsy. I’ve been battling it for nine years now. Moms are the best." —mareo


    "My mom and I got a pair of lungs to honor my grandpa (my mom’s dad) who was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in May 2015. We were both really close with my grandpa, so we said we’d 'breathe for him' and continue to do so. Grandpa passed away in May 2017." —christines484c09109


    "For the little witch in us." —jmcder

    And finally...


    "Not quite matching ink, but I got a tattoo of my daughter’s birthmark." —evrae

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