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    19 "Manly" Things Men Do That Are Actually Just Toxic And — To Put It Plainly — Dumb

    "Trying to be the definition of what they consider an 'alpha,' when in reality, they are actually just being assholes."

    Today, the word "manly" is constantly being redefined because honestly, what does it even mean, anyway?!

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    To prove this point, Reddit user u/LavetaEspitia posted in r/AskReddit: "Girls, what do guys do that they think is 'being manly' but in reality is the furthest thing from it?" Here's what people had to say it.

    1. "Asking me out from your car window, no matter how nice the car."


    2. "I read about this guy who refused to eat anything besides meat because yogurt and salads were 'women's food.' He ended up in the hospital due to cardiac arrest."


    3. "My husband's work buddy once tried to complain about 'girly' drinks, like Long Islands or Blue Hawaiians. I'm like, fam, my 'girly' drink has more alcohol in it and tastes far better than your room temperature wheat tea. Just get one. Stop unhappily drinking something you don't like just because it's a 'man's drink.'"


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    4. "Showing off by being rude to waitstaff/bartenders in front of women. We're not impressed and neither is the waitstaff. Be polite, tip well. THAT is impressive."


    5. "Hiding their geeky/nerdy passions. It's nice to listen to someone geek out over something they're passionate about, even if I may not understand everything they say."


    6. "I can't count how many guys have boasted about how they HATE cats..."


    7. "When guys won’t do something because it’s ‘girly or feminine,’ or won’t learn/refuse to do basic life skills like cooking or cleaning."


    8. "Not taking the time to care for their hygiene properly."


    9. "Revving engines. You might as well run around in circles screaming 'lOoK aT mE!' like a damn toddler."


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    10. "Doing that chest-puffing, yelling, getting-in-your-face crap with each other. People doing this look like a pair of mountain goats about to start smacking their foreheads into each other."


    11. "On Instagram, I saw some guy telling men to always be the one driving the car/motorcycle when traveling with a woman because being the passenger while a woman drives makes you look weak. First of all, that's super insulting and disrespectful to us, and second, it makes you look wildly insecure."


    12. "Truck nuts."


    13. "There's this thing some guys do where they act like the only manly way to drink coffee is black and bitter. Like somehow it's weak to enjoy coffee. If you actually like it that way, it's one thing; but I've seen dudes brag about drinking the worst coffee ever straight up, like somehow it's a badge of honor. It's OK to put things in your coffee and actually enjoy drinking it."


    14. "Throwing punches as soon as someone makes you mad makes me think of a child. Practicing self-control and restraint is what actual adult men do."


    15. "Being an asshole and talking down on other men, especially those who don’t seem as conventionally 'manly' on first glance."


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    16. "Refusing to admit to being wrong, unwilling to take correction, or just not willing to think about their actions. You’re not being strong. You’re being insecure and hardheaded."


    17. "I saw a guy yesterday claiming that 'men do not and are not capable of talking about their emotions. That's why we lash out.' Men talk about their emotions all the time. Children lash out and get angry when they can't handle their emotions."


    18. "Constantly using demeaning language, like calling all women 'females,' 'bitches,' 'hoes,' etc. It's just a red flag for misogyny and an immature mindset."


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    19. "Trying to be the definition of what they consider an 'alpha,' when in reality, they are actually just being assholes."


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    Answers have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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