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    73 Things That Are Undeniable Staples Of The Liberal Arts College Experience

    Falling in love with the one boy in your poetry class.

    1. Stick-and-poke tattoos of triangles

    2. Hating sports

    3. Googling the healing powers of different teas

    4. Getting bangs

    am I qualified enough to cut my own bangs

    5. Flavored vodka

    6. Pretending to like whiskey

    7. Texting your therapist

    8. Dabbling in the occult

    9. Scandinavia

    10. Rupi Kaur

    11. Knowing two chords on guitar

    12. Healing crystals

    13. Stevie Nicks

    14. “To play Devil’s advocate…”

    15. The Devil as a #m00d

    16. The Devil as a tarot card

    17. Drinking 4+ cups of coffee per day

    18. Depression naps

    19. Dyeing your hair purple in your dorm room sink

    20. Having a crush on your psychology TA

    21. Sh*tting on your hometown

    22. Being okay with finals week because you know there will be therapy dogs

    23. Pubey mustaches

    24. Nietzsche

    25. Using astrology as a social lubricant

    26. Mercury retrograde

    27. “What time were you born?”

    28. Publicly shaming Geminis and Scorpios

    29. Knowing your moon and rising signs offhand

    30. Being into hairless cats

    31. Canvassing for Greenpeace

    32. Disagreeing with your parents

    33. Being an empath

    34. String lights

    34. Calling fall “autumn”

    36. Wanting to f*ck the sh*t out of J*seph G*rdon Lev*tt

    37. Empty liquor bottles as decor

    to whoever needed to see this: throw away your empty liquor bottles, they’re not decor

    38. Taking exactly (1) improv class

    39. Talking about worshipping the moon

    40. Hot sauce

    41. Guessing your professors’ zodiac signs

    42. TED Talks

    43. Guessing your therapist’s zodiac sign

    44. Bumble

    45. Trying to meditate but getting bored and checking Instagram instead

    46. ~Redditing~

    47. Falling in love with the one boy in your poetry class

    48. Salt lamps

    49. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

    50. Crying in the dining hall bathroom

    51. Snapchatting your academic advisor

    52. Being vegan but eating your roommate’s day-old chicken tikka masala when you’re drunk

    53. Writing your senior thesis on memes

    54. Texting your therapist about how stressed you are because of your senior thesis

    55. Pretending to not mind subtitles when watching foreign films

    56. Pretending to like foreign films

    57. Baristas

    58. Telling everyone you "get emotional" over dogs in sweaters

    59. Turtlenecks

    60. Macaroni and cheese

    61. Complaining about how cold it is

    62. Identifying as a Plant Parent™

    63. Etsy

    64. Complaining about how hot it is

    65. Having a tattoo of mountains, or like, a tree

    66. Drinking water

    67. From Nalgenes, specifically

    68. Overusing “therefore” and “thus”

    69. Also "Just to piggyback off of that..."

    70. Oat milk

    71. Getting your nose pierced at a Claire’s

    72. Expo markers

    Expo markers when you press them down too hard on the whiteboard

    73. And lastly, squirrels.