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15 Times Landlords Did Their Best, And By "Their Best" I Mean Not Nearly Enough

Cold water: Looks just like hot water, but not hot.

1. This landlord who took things very, very literally:

2. This landlord who needed some photographic evidence:

3. The landlord who "installed" these (quite honestly inspiring) lamps:

4. Mike the Landlord™ kept his message clear and concise:

5. Yup:

6. This landlord's unfailing security system:

7. This landlord's weird flex, but OK:

8. Again, another foolproof security system:

9. This landlord who responded to complaints of a dead rodent smell like so:

10. This landlord had the perfect solution to creating a desk sans wheels:

11. This landlord didn't support his tenant moving to "the gates of hell":

12. This landlord's ~in case of emergency~ plan:

13. This landlord's friendly notification of ongoing building tours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14. This landlord's go-to installable shower head:

15. And lastly, this landlord's warning to various drug-dealing tenants: