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    Nov 13, 2018

    Jonathan Van Ness Answered Fan Questions Whilst Playing With Kittens And It's Basically Self-Care

    "I'll be like Brad and Angelina but with cats!"

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    YOU GUYS. Jonathan Van Ness — star of Netflix's Queer Eye, comedian extraordinaire, and Cat Daddy™ — recently stopped by BuzzFeed and did a kitten interview because it's what we deserve!!!!!!!!

    Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

    In preparation, we rounded up the ~burning questions~ the BuzzFeed Community has always wanted to ask JVN, and made him answer them whilst playing with five adorable (and adoptable) kitters!

    Hal Rhorer / BuzzFeed

    In the vid, Jonathan shares his insight on extraterrestrial life...

    Hal Rhorer / BuzzFeed

    ...reveals the contents of his Instagram explore page...

    Hal Rhorer / BuzzFeed

    ...and comes to the conclusion that eight cats is not too many cats, amongst many other things.

    Hal Rhorer / BuzzFeed

    All of us rn:

    Hal Rhorer / BuzzFeed

    So basically, watch the vid here, henny!!!!!!!

    View this video on YouTube

    And lastly, be sure to check out Jonathan's new comedy special, 10 Nights with Jonathan Van Ness, presented by out now!

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