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    Joe Jonas Got A Hair Makeover, And All I'm Gonna Say Is I Genuinely Wish I Were Sophie Turner

    From The Shane™ to The Quarantine Bleach™...the GROWTH!!!

    Joe Jonas: King of boy-banders, husband of legend Sophie Turner, new DAD, and — lest we forget — hairstyle chameleon.

    Joe's hairstyle portfolio ranges far and wide, from The Shane™...

    Disney Channel this gorgeous cerulean DNCE-era hue...

    Mark Davis / Getty Images

    ...aaaaaaall the way to this lil' quasi-mullet(?).

    Rachel Murray / Getty Images

    Well, now the Literal Daddy™ has added yet another look to his ever-evolving repertoire: BLEACH BLONDE BUZZCUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Joe Jonas with bleach blonde buzzcut

    The blonde.......

    The lush eyebrows.................

    The STUBBLE?!?!?!?!?!?!



    Basically, we need a freshly-bleached matching couple pic STAT!

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