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    Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Are The Only Celeb Couple Worth Stanning, And This Is The Hill I Will Die And Decompose On

    Get over it, everyone who's ever referred to themselves as Mrs. Joe Jonas. Your time is done. Now, we stan.

    This is Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner — one, an ex-boybander-turned-pop icon. The other, a sultry Game of Thrones star-turned-feminist revolutionary who cried in public and blamed it on her period. Iconic.

    Together, they form the most adorable, influential, and CRIMINALLY UNDERRATED celeb couple of our generation. *clears throat; prepares to change slide*

    Recently, the JoBros made a comeback with their new single, "Sucker". For the music video, they featured their wives and fiancées: Priyanka Chopra, Danielle Jonas, and SOPHIE. TURNER.

    And while everyone looked amazing and seemed to be thriving, I couldn't keep my eyes off Joe and Sophie.

    They're just so fucking adorable together and everything they do just makes me laugh. I like, truly just crave their content.

    Like when Joe Insta'd this cute behind-the-scenes tea party moment that starred himself and Sophie (feat. some cameos.) All I can say is "MMMMMMMHHMHMMMHMHMMHM!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Because "MMMMMMMHHMHMMMHMHMMHM," is literally the only word that could properly articulate my love and admiration for Jophie™!!!!!!!!!!!

    Furthermore, they both show the same level of commitment to Halloween, which is a very good indicator of the success of any relationship.

    *flips slide* And when Joe went as Sophie's GoT character and Sophie went as an elephant? Wow, I loved that.

    And when they did this staring-at-the-paparazzi bit?! Barack and Michelle COULD!!!!! NEVER!!!!!!!!!!

    Thus, therefore, HENCEFORTH— they just really do go together better than birds of a feather.

    In 2019, I am CERTAIN there is no couple more stan-worthy than Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner. And this, my friends, is the hill I will die and decompose on.

    Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.