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Updated on Jan 1, 2019. Posted on May 30, 2018

15 Job Résumé Fails To Talk About By The Water Cooler

"I'll bring your company to new heights, or whatever."

1. This subtle *wink wink* negotiator:

u/revowatcher / Via

2. Just, this:

I present to you a real, actual resume my office has received

3. This hypothetical applicant who just might be Groot:

u/EarlyHemisphere / Via

4. This little pony who graduated with highest honors:

5. This résumé from Eric, who promises to "bring your company to new heights, or whatever":

u/DrSpy / Via

6. This generally nefarious dude:

7. This guy who's still waiting to hear if he made it into NSYNC:

u/zaddawadda / Via

8. Nice, dooooood:

9. Who needs a résumé when you've got these FACTS?!?!?!?!

10. GIVE. 👏 JOB. 👏 PLS. 👏

11. This guy with a degree in creative writing and too much time on his hands:

[deleted] / Via

12. This applicant whose hobbies include donating her hair to charity one time:

13. This ~most awesome~ résumé:

14. This person whose references were unavailable "BECAUSE THEY WERE ALL BURNED UP IN A FIRE":

15. And finally Vanessa, who I sincerely hope gets hired on the spot:

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