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    Iceland's Blue Lagoon Looks Really Different On Instagram And In Real Life

    *crops smoke stacks and several drunk tourists out of shot*

    This morning, I read an article from Business Insider on how Iceland's famous Blue Lagoon is actually low-key trash.

    ~Intrigued~, I decided to do a little online stalking and find out just how different the Blue Lagoon is IRL than in the ridiculously gorgeous pics everyone posts on Instagram. Here are my findings:

    This is Blue Lagoon on Instagram:

    And THIS is Blue Lagoon in reality:

    On Instagram? Warm! Tranquil! Inviting!

    In reality, it's next door to, like, a factory...?

    On Instagram, the Blue Lagoon looks so peaceful! Perfect for some much-needed alone time.

    IRL, it's full of tourists and lined with damp towels and slippers from Marshalls!!!!!!!

    Instagram makes it look ~très chic~ and luxurious.

    But in real life, it looks like a dirty water park. No offense.

    You know how literally EVERYONE who visits puts this sand/clay stuff on their face and takes a pic?

    This is what they ACTUALLY look like.

    And just trying to get a pic with Your Gurlz™ without any randos photobombing?

    Yeah. Not as easy as you'd think.

    The water looks SOOOO000oooOOOOo blue in all these Instas!!!!!!!

    Meanwhile, in actuality:

    Sure, the Blue Lagoon is still kinda pretty with or without VSCO filters.

    But if you're planning on visiting, just make sure to crop the smoke stacks out of your shot!!!!!!!