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    Iceland's Blue Lagoon Looks Really Different On Instagram And In Real Life

    *crops smoke stacks and several drunk tourists out of shot*

    This morning, I read an article from Business Insider on how Iceland's famous Blue Lagoon is actually low-key trash.

    Powerofforever / Getty Images

    "For all its fame and for all the idyllic Instagram photos, the man-made pool can be overcrowded, unphotogenic, and underwhelming," Katie Warren and Lina Batarags write. "One person on TripAdvisor called it, 'a dirty, lukewarm, crowded disappointment.'"

    ~Intrigued~, I decided to do a little online stalking and find out just how different the Blue Lagoon is IRL than in the ridiculously gorgeous pics everyone posts on Instagram. Here are my findings:

    This is Blue Lagoon on Instagram:

    And THIS is Blue Lagoon in reality:

    Matt Cardy / Getty Images

    On Instagram? Warm! Tranquil! Inviting!

    In reality, it's next door to, like, a factory...?

    Matt Cardy / Getty Images

    On Instagram, the Blue Lagoon looks so peaceful! Perfect for some much-needed alone time.

    IRL, it's full of tourists and lined with damp towels and slippers from Marshalls!!!!!!!

    Olivier Morin / AFP / Getty Images

    Instagram makes it look ~très chic~ and luxurious.

    But in real life, it looks like a dirty water park. No offense.

    Matt Cardy / Getty Images

    You know how literally EVERYONE who visits puts this sand/clay stuff on their face and takes a pic?

    This is what they ACTUALLY look like.

    Olivier Morin / AFP / Getty Images

    And just trying to get a pic with Your Gurlz™ without any randos photobombing?

    Yeah. Not as easy as you'd think.

    Olivier Morin / AFP / Getty Images

    The water looks SOOOO000oooOOOOo blue in all these Instas!!!!!!!

    Meanwhile, in actuality:

    Olivier Morin / AFP / Getty Images

    Sure, the Blue Lagoon is still kinda pretty with or without VSCO filters.

    But if you're planning on visiting, just make sure to crop the smoke stacks out of your shot!!!!!!!

    Maja Hitij / Getty Images

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